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Pounds & Inches Free PDF Download

You can get a free pdf download of Dr. Simeons' Book, Pounds and Inches here! Pounds and Inches is where it all started!

Below you will find a short summary of the HCG Diet program from start to finish. It will provide you with a basic understanding of what the HCG Diet entails.

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet / HCG P1
The HCG Protocol Preparation Phase is a HCG phase that was added to the HCG Diet plan by Kevin Trudeau. It was not part of Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Diet. You can see Kevin Trudeau’s HCG book for more information on HCG Phase 1 if you would like to learn more. We offer many products than can help you detox and cleanse before starting.

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet / HCG P2
The HCG Diet Loading Days:
Days 1 and 2 of the HCG Diet are called Loading Days. These days consist of taking your HCG and eating as much high-fat food as possible (without making yourself sick). Dr. Simeons referred to this as the “gain before loss,” explaining that you have to stock up your fat reserves before beginning the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) part of HCG Phase 2. Many of our customers use their loading days as a great opportunity to eat anything that they think they may crave during the VLCD.

The HCG Diet Phase 2 (VLCD)
Phase 2 is also known as the VLCD Phase, the Very Low Calorie Diet Phase, and the 500 Calorie Diet Phase. This phase of the HCG diet lasts from Day 3 to a minimum of Day 23 up to a maximum of Day 40. It’s up to you and how much time you have or weight to lose, to decide how long you want to stay on the VLCD. During this time you will follow the very specific food list created by Dr. Simeons. Our customer service representatives can assist you in determining how many days you need on VLCD.

It is important that you follow this and only this food list if you want the absolute best results on the HCG Diet.

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet / HCG P3
Now, you can start the HCG Maintenance Phase (also known as HCG Phase 3 or P3) which consists of two 3-week periods. The first three weeks, you can eat anything you like except absolutely nothing can contain sugars or starches (carbs). Then in the second 3-week period, you can slowly start to add healthy sugars and starches back into your diet.

Phase 4 of the HCG Diet / HCG P4
Life after the HCG diet... This is when you move on with your new, healthy post-HCG Diet lifestyle in your smaller clothes. Now, you should be craving healthier foods and a diet full of healthy fats, lean proteins, and fresh veggies. To control weight for the rest of your life, just weigh yourself daily. If you are up more than 2.1 lbs over your last HCG date weight, you guessed it: do an HCG steak day.